Which is your favorite boss?

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Which is your favorite Boss?

Simiel Totec
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Lorraine Learn
Asterion Hornedson
Eugenia Frischengust
Zafira Faris
Murasaki no Kage
Amadi Eko
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Which is your favorite boss?

Postby sandro.tomasetti » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:33 pm

Hello all!

Just to get things started... we wish to know how much you guys like our bosses :D so pls vote and if you want, comment what you like or dislike about them!

Thanks a lot

Just so you can remember them here are their pictures and story:


Name: Simiel Totec
Mount Name: Gronko
Stage: Forest
Mount: Gorilla
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow
Height: 1,88m
Weight: 65kg

Born at the Elven city of Tik'althombar deep in the forest on the outskirts of the realm he lived there for almost a century before exploring the countryside. The city has a Mayan heritage and close bonds with gorillas and other primates that shared the same area, but the city evolved and it's well respected by all in the realm.

The elf and his gorilla friend/mount, Gronko, are renowned heroes and were responsible for releasing tribesmen and farmers from the grasp of slaving monsters and consider themselves as freedom fighters. Simiel is a fond friend of Sir Oliver and also has a treant ally called TreeStache who respects him a lot.

But, somehow… Simiel changed. Now he allied himself with cruel Kobolds and awaits Sir Oliver deep into the forest.


Name: Lorraine Learn
Mount Name: Golden Lips
Stage: Sea
Mount: Shark
Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Cutlass and Trickery
Height: 1,72m
Weight: 63kg

A girl born among nobles, when she reached adulthood she was fed up with the bullshit of high society. Craving for adventure and acknowledgement she left her parent’s estate and turned to piracy. She became - Lorraine ‘Golden Lips’ Learn - a known criminal of the realm, she leads a fleet of ships to plunder and steal for personal use.

She won the nickname of Golden Lips, because all prisoners and mutineers who opposed her met the same fate. Once her enemy were captured she would often tell “It’s time to present you to my Golden Lips” then she would come close and give the poor soul a kiss, once she saw the confusion on her prisoner’s eyes she would explain “You know, I named my pet shark Golden Lips, good luck with him!” and tossed the screaming person to the sea, where Golden Lips eagerly waited.For years she eluded capture… but…

...when she heard about the princess kidnapping she saw the chance of a peaceful rich life. She offered her services as the guide for the company of heroes who attacked the dragon. Having no other choice the king withdrew all charges against her and used her abilities. After months of hunt and campaign she genuinely bonded with the group and finally when the Dragon was defeated promised to abandon her old ways and use her sailors to hunt for criminals.

But, of course, it was all a lie!! When Sir Oliver reached her fleet he was promptly attacked! Wicked scoundrel, she could never be trusted, or could she?


Name: Asterion Hornedson
Mount Name: Gungnir
Stage: War
Mount: Rhino
Weapon of Choice: Joust Lance
Height: 1,97m
Weight: 110kg

Asterion is the leader of a barbarian Tribe neighbour to the Kingdom. When young he rejoiced in war and searched for it all the time. Until he lost a brother in the battlefield during a war he caused against his brother judgement. He is now an old man who is tired of war and searching for peace with his neighbours.

He then reaches the kingdom and asks for a peace pact. To prove his intentions were good he asked the king to be sent with the party of heroes to defeat the dragon and recover the princess. As they were successful, the king signed the peace pact and Asterion gladly and peacefully returned to his land.

But he grew restless again and a dark thought started growing in his mind… he should take all from their neighbours, after all, he is strong, he deserves it. After a year of corruption he changed form and turned into a war-hungry minotaur. Now, as a monstrous leader, he rallied his men and beasts of war and broke the peace pact with the kingdom and is marching to it’s northern borders.

Sir Oliver gathered knights from the kingdom and is preparing for war! The noble warrior had really turned into a monster? A doubt is born in Sir Oliver’s mind “Do I have any chance against this massive man-beast and his army”?


Name: Eugenia Frischengust
Mount Name: Fafnir
Stage: Magic Tower
Mount: Drachameleon
Weapon of Choice: Staff
Height: 1,63m
Weight: 68kg

Eugenia is the personal assistant of the king’s wizard, she is shy but a very competent sorceress. Usually her master gives her some meaningless tasks such as cleaning all the vials of the lab and cataloguing all the books of the library, but she knows that without her the tower would never work so well.

She was enlisted to aid the quest for the princess rescue because the wizard had pressing matters to attend (the king had a very serious case of an ingrown toe that needed all his attention). She never felt so alive before! After defeating the dragon she turned more confident.But with confidence came power dreams and ambition! She had defeated a dragon after all, what a measly old wizard could do that she couldn’t?

She started working on advanced magic and soon had surpassed her master! The common realm started to mean nothing to her and she locked herself in “her” tower where she started to rip reality asunder and welcome in a lot of other worldly beings, such as the mighty Frogmoth.

Now.. these strange beings are coming from her tower and terrorizing the townsfolk! Sir Oliver will journey through this infested magic towe to put some senses on this girl!


Name: Zafira Faris
Mount Name: -
Stage: Desert
Mount: Scorpion (Formerly a Flying Horse)
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield
Height: 1,81m
Weight: 70kg

Zafira was always a just and righteous person, but her rigid ways and perseverance were rewarded when she joined her country’s army and became a respectable knight. She has a very similar mind set to Oliver and would have been the best of friends from the start but her country and Oliver’s Realm were enemies and at war for ages!

By a twist of fate both warriors met under frail circumstances and had to work together to survive, what once was enmity turned into a rivalry and later into friendship! Together they put an end to the war and went home with peace in their hearts!

One day a letter reached the desert kingdom asking for help in a fight against a dragon that took the princess of the realm captive and Zafira volunteered to help. And for the first time she fought, mounted on her flying horse, alongside of her friend Oliver.

Now.. reports of a cruel knight riding a scorpion and devastating the villages of the desert are coming to Oliver’s ears, it’s not possible...Zafira too?


Name: Murasaki no kage
Mount Name: Dokuga
Stage: Oriental
Mount: Moth
Weapon of Choice: Fireworks
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 70kg

No one really knows the origin of this man… he was nicknamed “Marasakiiro no kage” or “The Purple Shadow”. He is a famous sword for hire with unbelievable feats attributed to him, such as: shaving the mustache of an enemy general in the midst of his encampment, stole an ancient katana directly from a samurai’s scabbard and finally, his greatest achievement, single-handedly claimed a castle for his clan without ever being seen.

When the princess was kidnapped the king asked his counselor for the best in business… but what impressed the monarch the most was that Murasakiiro offered his services even before the counselor reached the outer gates of the palace! The man joined the party of heroes, fought bravely but never spoke a word… he only claimed one of the weapons as payment and vanished into the night!

When our hero left his home to investigate the shadow in the horizon, he decided that he needed help. Quickly he requested a conference with the King, but to his dismay the King had been kidnapped. The only thing left on his throne was a letter signed by Murasakiiro asking for a big ramson in gold!

Sir Oliver is now hunting the most elusive man in all the realms… he hides behind his clan of ninja warriors and magical beings, will he find this shadow and finally measure whose feats are mightier?


Name: Amadi Eko
Mount Name: -
Stage: Undead
Mount: Zombie Bat
Weapon of Choice: Lantern
Height: 1,85m
Weight: 90kg

Amadi was married to a wonderful woman and had a pretty little girl, before he got to the realm, in a time that feels like another life. But both died years ago, they didn’t survive the rough journey from the lands beyond the sea. Upon shoring he carried their bodies until a priest welcomed him to a church and performed a decent ritual for his deceased relatives.

He joined the order and later became the high priest of the realm. He helped the heroes defeat the dragon with his blessings and divine magic. Being a pacifist he got one of the artifacts that wasn’t really a weapon, a lantern.

He’s approach to death turned him into a Lich. He began to worship Undeath as a better state than living. He now travels to his family mausoleum to bring his daughter and wife back to this new, and better state of being. Will Sir Oliver manage to prevent this blasphemy?
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Re: Which is your favorite boss?

Postby GryphonFan » Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:38 pm

It's hard to pick just one! If we were able to pick a top 3, mine would be:

  • Asterion Hornedson
  • Eugenia Frischengust
  • Lorraine Learn

I ended up voting for Asterion Hornedson - both because his character design really stands out since he's a Minotaur, and because his backstory was well-done and intriguing. Plus since his backstory mentions more beasts of war I think there's a lot of potential for interesting enemy designs in his stage.

Eugenia Frischengust definitely has one of the most unique mounts! I hope we get to see more fantasy creations like Drachameleons in game. Also, I laughed at her backstory where she has to defeat a dragon because the wizard is treating the king's ingrown toenail. And again her story mentions strange beings like the Frogmoth so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of creative designs appear in her stage.

Lastly, Lorraine Learn is great because a shark is an awesome idea for a pirate mount! The "Golden Lips" line is a little too cheesy for me, though. But I really like that her weapons of choice include Trickery! I hope that comes into play in her boss battle.

Glad to see polls like this from Cyber Rhino studios! I hope we'll see more polls and other threads in the future that let backers contribute their thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to hearing what other posters favorite bosses are!
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Re: Which is your favorite boss?

Postby The Geese Knight » Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:20 am

Well, for me it was a no brainer: Z Faris.

I have to say I'm normally a sucker for anything desert related but the crew did picture her very well. Armor (SHIELD), weapon and mount design just scream awesome, plus it was quite interesting to see the fact that her country already waged wars against our dear Oliver's. I only wish the Scorpion was larger though, but thats probably the Dark Souls player speaking on me, hehe.

Other than her, Amadi comes next. A egyptian-like-priest-blasphemer riding a giant bat? Yes please.
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Re: Which is your favorite boss?

Postby Joe Junior » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:49 pm

I know that being a Dev my opinion is Highly Biased, but I think the best backstory is Asterion's. I love redemption stories, they always move me.

But overall, considering the amazing Concept Art, backstory, and character design in general, I have to go with Zafira. It's the kind of character that I identify with. She is honored and yet pragmatic, a fighter but a seeker of peace, ambitious but humble, so different from Oliver and so alike in many ways. Not to mention I usually like the good old Sword & Board =P. She was an instant favorite for me during our brainstorm.

GryphonFan, I agree with the "cheesyness" of some aspects of our characters, but since we are parodying some tropes, these are to be expected. Hope you can still enjoy them and the story behind them. We are working hard to keep a nice balance.
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